Dan Treanor, Creighton Holley & Kyle Roberts - American Primative MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 56:55
Size: 133.7 MB
Label: Plan-In
Styles: Blues/Roots
Year: 2010
Art: Front

[4:14] 1. Took The Wrong Road
[3:58] 2. Duckin' And Dodgein'
[3:19] 3. Brand New Walking Blues
[3:07] 4. You Can't Outrun The Blues
[6:10] 5. Motherless Child
[2:58] 6. Serves You Right
[3:36] 7. Tangled Road
[3:58] 8. Poor Man's Sentence
[4:25] 9. South Bound Train
[4:17] 10. Sunshine Galore
[3:06] 11. Big Bayou
[4:07] 12. Ain't It A Pity
[4:24] 13. Everything About You
[5:10] 14. 1969

Born in 1947 and raised in Pueblo, Colorado, Dan Treanor began playing guitar at the age of fifteen. Discovering the Blues and R&B through a local radio station - KAPI - he developed a life long passion for the root of all popular American Music - THE BLUES. When a typical teenager might have been found listening to the latest top 40 AM hit, Dan, a self taught musician who plays by ear, would spend hours listening to the likes of Ray Charles, B.B. King, Jimmy Reed and Slim Harpo, trying to emulate their playing style. He was also heavily influenced by the music of Bob Dylan and Hank Williams. By the age of sixteen, with his Silvertone guitar, he was playing in his first band - "The Marauders".

In 1969, while serving as an infantryman in the Mekong Delta of Viet Nam, he was taught to play the harp by a fellow soldier and musician, Bernie Willer. He's never put it down. "Bernie showed me how to blow that harp and it's been stuck inside me ever since". Returning to the States, he began a life long quest to master the art and soul of American Blues. He used his GI Bill to earn a Masters in American History, where he unraveled the truth behind the evolution of the blues - from Africa to America.

Kyle Roberts (drums, percussion); Creighton Holley (vocals, electric guitar); Dan Treanor (guitar, banjo, harp, keyboards).

Recording information: Spider Haven Studio.

American Primative

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