Per and The Ouagadougou Blues Quartet - Second Jive MP3/Flac

Styles: harp blues, rockin' blues
Recorded: Pama Record Studios
Released: 2004
Label: Pama Records
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Size: 112,8 MB
Time: 49:15
Scans: back, front, cd inside and tray

1. Yes Indeed - 3:14
2. Tell Me Somebody - 3:56
3. Plesure Is All Mine - 2:58
4. I'm Not In The Mood - 3:39
5. Disconnected - 5:12
6. Walk You Home - 3:39
7. Troubles Good-Bye - 2:38
8. One Of A Kind - 4:19
9. Signing Up For Love - 4:10
10. Yes Baby - 2:18
11. Don't Put Me Down - 3:51
12. Look At That Girl - 2:54
13. Know I Know - 2:04
14. Going Down With The Sun - 4:17

A band that swings hard. The band, based in the county of Blekinge, has blown the roof off at several blues places in Sweden with their harp player ”Drop out Sam” . The repertoire is Chicago blues with a 50s rock'n'roll style slant.
The band who has gigged at most blues festivals in Sweden celebrated their 10th anniversary by issuing their 2nd CD, ”Second Jive” with Sven Zetterberg as a guesting musician

Their first cd entitled "We Got To Talk" was released in 1999 with a slightly different band name, Per & The Ouagadougou Boogie-oogie Band. Also a great album

Info thx. to Mr. Walker


Per Mansson: guitar, vocals
Samuel Andersson: harp
Mattias Schertell: bass
Per Sennerhall: drums
Oscar Appelqvist: piano, hammond b3

Second Jive