David SHELLEY And Bluestone - That\'s My Train MP3/Flac

Styles: Modern Electric Blues, Blues-Rock
Recorded: 2011
Released: 2011
File: mp3 @320 kbps
Size: 119.84 MB
Time: 50:26
Art: Full

1. Enough Love - 5:57
2. Too Far Gone - 4:46
3. You Wreck Me - 5:22
4. Living With the Blues - 5:34
5. That's My Train - 6:09
6. Loving You - 4:36
7. Price to Pay - 4:39
8. Nowhere Without You - 5:47
9. One Fine Day - 3:32
10. Soul Sucker - 4:12

Personnel: David SHELLEY - Guitars, Dejembe, Vocals
Dave Scott - Lead Guitar
D.A. Young - Keyboards
Charles Gasper - Bass
John Yarling - Drums
Mike Tovar - Guitar tr.2,10
J.P. Soars - Guitar tr.6
Gary Wright - Harmonica
Matt Calderin - Percussion
Liz Sharp & David Jansen - additional vocals

Notes: “Bluestone” is an eclectic fusion of blues, rock and world rhythms. Hard driving grooves with soulful blues guitar and vocals are the heart of their sound. Lead vocalist / guitarist David Shelley has toured the world with top name stars and is now ready to rock the world with his own band “Bluestone”. Fusing traditional forms with unique cultural experiences, “Bluestone” is a roots rocking band with a worldbeat edge. The band is tight, and it's a disc that you leave in the player, and enjoy the whole thing. Check out his fascinating bio on his website, and you'll understand his oozing talents...I look forward to more from this guy in the years to come.

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