The Paul deLay Band - Teasin\' MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 41:07
Size: 95.2 MB
Label: Criminal Records
Styles: Harmonica blues, West Coast blues
Year: 1982/2012
Art: Front

[3:19] 1. My Eyes Keep Me in Trouble
[3:05] 2. Barefoot Rock
[2:10] 3. Hold Your Hand
[3:35] 4. Would You Baby
[3:01] 5. She's Just Teasin' You
[2:22] 6. Wham!
[2:21] 7. Don't Leave Your Daddy At Home
[3:37] 8. What a Fool
[3:13] 9. That's How Much You Mean to Me
[2:15] 10. Alrighty
[2:54] 11. Baby Please
[3:12] 12. Down the Line
[3:18] 13. Sad As a Man Can Be
[2:38] 14. You're Just the One I've Been Looking For

Criminal Records is proud to re-release Teasin’, the first full-length recording project released by the Paul deLay Band in 1982. The release marks the 30th anniversary of this seminal recording.

Originally released on the CIS record label, a then up-and-coming label based in Bend, Oregon, Teasin’ showcased the powerhouse quintet that featured Paul deLay on harmonica, Jim Mesi on guitar, D.K. Stewart on piano, organo and vocals, Paul Jones on drums, and Don Campbell on electric and upright bass and vocals. In addition to the 12 original cuts on the album, the reissued CD contains two bonus cuts from the original Paul deLay Band 45 rpm single, “Sad As a Man Can Be,” and “You’re Just the One I’ve Been Lookin’ For.” The 45 was released in 1981.

“I was privileged to be asked to produce an LP for CIS Records exclusively featuring The Paul deLay Band,” said Ray Varner, a principle of Criminal Records NW, and producer of the LP. “This label-driven recording was only preceded by Robert Cray’s first recording for Tomato Records by any Northwest blues talent. “Teasin’ was the recording that resulted for the Paul deLay band,” added Varner. “This LP was crafted with loving care by the band and fine ‘hired gun’ support musicians. I am very proud of the work we did on this historic recording. It stands up to this day. Criminal Records is right to release Teasin’ as a 30-year anniversary tribute to this talented man and band."


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