Hop Wilson - Houston Ghetto Blues MP3/Flac

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Time: 49:41
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 1993/2011
Styles: Texas Blues, Slide Guitar Blues
Label: Bullseye Blues
Art: Front

01. My Woman Has A Black Cat Bone (Take 2) (2:23)
02. I'm A Stranger (3:48)
03. Dance To It (Chicken Stuff #2) (2:42)
04. I Ain't Got No Woman (3:08)
05. You Don't Move Me Anymore (2:12)
06. Rockin' In The Coconuts (2:03)
07. Need Your Love To Keep Me Warm (3:18)
08. My Woman Has A Black Cat Bone (Take 1) (2:24)
09. Merry Christmas Darling (Take 1) (3:10)
10. I Done Got Over (2:47)
11. Be Careful With The Blues (2:40)
12. Merry Christmas Darling (Take 2) (3:20)
13. A Good Woman Is Hard To Find (2:26)
14. I Feel So Glad (2:52)
15. Why Do You Twist (2:42)
16. I Met A Strange Woman (2:44)
17. Toot Toot Tootsie (2:41)
18. My Woman Done Quit Me (2:14)

Slide guitar blues with an Elmore James flavor played on an eight-string table (non-pedal) steel guitar was the trademarked sound of Houston blues legend Hop Wilson. Strictly a local phenomenon, Wilson recorded fitfully and hated touring. Though he also played fine down-home blues on conventional electric guitar and was a powerful singer as well, it is Wilson's unique slide stylings that remain a signature influence on Johnny Winter and Jimmie Vaughan, to name a few.
Wilson learned how to play guitar and harmonica as a child. By the time he was 18, he received his first steel guitar and began playing it at local Houston juke joints and clubs. His musical career was interrupted when he served in World War II. After his discharge from the Army, he decided to pursue a serious career as a blues musician, performing with Ivory Semien's group in the late '50s. Wilson and Semien recorded a number of sides for Goldband Records in 1957.
Hop Wilson didn't lead his own sessions until 1960, when he signed with the Ivory record label. Wilson only recorded for the label for two years -- his final sessions were in 1961. After 1961, Wilson concentrated on playing local Houston clubs and bars. He continued to perform in Houston until his death in 1975. ~Bio by Cub Koda

Houston Ghetto Blues

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