Peacocks Guiter Band -Abiriwa, EMI MP3/Flac

It's time for Nigerian highlife. I walked into our little

village about a week ago and found the annual record-

market in the centre of town. Somehow they always

neglect to announce this in a proper way so it has

become an annual surprise. Anyway, it is a very

welcome surprise and especially this year. I got

lucky again walking against some rare records.

This is one of my finds. Peacock's Guiter Band

led by Raphael Amarabem comes in at the GG

with this EMI release, don't know from what

year, if you do please tell us.

now listen..


 1   Eddie quansa

 2   Okpa aku erieri

 3   Dan njemanze

 4   Egwu mgbashiriko

 5   Jiji

 6   Uba awuu nwa

 7   Jesus christ

 8   This girl

 9   Iwa anya

10  Abasi o. mokop