Oriental Brothers Internationalled by Godwin Kabaka Okpara,Afrodisia / Decca 1975 MP3/Flac

Not so long ago I told you it was getting harder all the

time, finding their albums. I think I should say things like

that a bit more often. Straight away I got lucky and stumbled

upon another lp, and not the least I would say. It's from 1975

and it's nice to find the tracks divided in eight seperate songs.

On most later albums the songs are way longer. If you use to

deejay sometimes, the shorter songs are much more accessible.

I am very happy to be able to bring this one, pure dynamite..


1   Nwa ada di nma

2   Onye si nani biri

3   Anam ele chi

4   Onwetarani nye ibe efe

5   Akwa uwa

6   Onye oma

7   Nwayi di ya bu eze

8   Chi awu otu