Felix Cabrera Band & Jimmy Vivino - Live At The Turning Point MP3/Flac

New Yorkers have been musically spoiled in that having the likes of Felix Cabrera and Jimmy Vivino gigging around in various band configurations was like Blues manna from heaven. But several months ago all of that changed when Conan O'Brien moved west taking not one but two Vivinos (Jimmy & Jerry) plus the extraordinary bassist Mike Merritt away from our scene. I've seen the core version of this band many times over the years, and even though there was a studio recording (The Black Italians), none of those great nights was ever (legally) captured and released. Until now, and while the New York City Blues scene has tapered down (no more Manny's Car Wash, Chicago Blues, and countless others), thank goodness for the tiny and wonderful Turning Point CafŽ in nearby Piermont, NY, which is where this wonderful recording was captured. First and foremost, no egos here, as Cabera and Vivino alternate leadership with ease; the opening "I Didn't Know" vocals are by Vivino, and from the opening notes you know its going to be a great night as the band is coagulated and firing smoothly. Cabrera's immediately on fire and, like a sly cat, Vivino lays low, but not for long as this tune simmers to a sumptuous boil with great guitar riffs, excellent B-3 from Eddy Bishal's Hammond, all held done smartly by bassist Phil Butler and Bill Shroeder's drumming. Next up its Cabrera's turn with his wild "Animalism." Check out Vivino's churning guitar work and Felix's over-the-top vocal chops. Cabrera continues in the spotlight with Paul Butterfield's "Lovin' Cup" slickly rearranged with a dynamite B-3 groove, Vivino's non-stop Bloomfield impersonations that similarly explode into a marvelous blending of his own signature guitar, and Cabrera's intuitive harp.