Ori Naftaly - A True Friend (Is Hard to Find) MP3/Flac

Ori Naftaly is a 24 year old Israeli guitarist, songwriter, and record producer.
At the age of 5, Ori started Guitar and music lessons with the Israeli blues guitarist Cheli Siglesky. For 5 years Naftaly studied guitar with different teachers from a wide range of music genres (Spanish, Classical, Jazz and Funk).At the age of 10, Naftaly began studying music and guitar at Funky Music School, where he met one of his mentors - Tony Pirson.Tony Pirson is an American Blues and Jazz guitarist, who played with James Brown, Tina Turner and more. Pirson was a significant influence on Naftaly and showed him how to play the Blues from the roots.
Naftaly studied and graduated from Music Class in Hadassim high school, and immediately applied and was accepted to Rimon - School of Jazz & Contemporary Music's Arrangement and Compesition Class. A year and a half later, he left the school and started playing and recording with Israeli artists all over israel.
Naftaly is still studying guitar and music, focusing on Classical and Spanish music, and playing a classical guitar with guidance and training by the Israeli brilliant guitar player, composer, songwriter and producer - Shlomo Yidov.These days Naftaly is performing with his blues band, promoting "A True Friend
(Is Hard to Find)", and performing with Sagol 59 as his lead guitarist.Also Naftaly writes a column on - E-Blues Magazine, about ??uitar and the blues.Naftaly has also been working as a guitar teacher in the past few years, giving young talents music sessions in his home studio.