never add wieners to your scrambled eggs MP3/Flac

damn right - never never never add wieners to your scrambled eggs!
Not even organic wieners..... something told me it might be tasty with the wieners chopped up in thinnest slices but it fucked up my breakfast this morning.

I just wish I had some african stew instead!!
By the way -  it seems like i forgot to post Part II of that mix I made earlier this year.
It might suit the sunny days we are experiencing over here so here it is:

African Stew, Part II

Here's the tracklist:

Bopol - Bonjour Le Soleil (DAMN RIGHT!!)
Elvis Kemayo - Ainsi Va La Vie
Them Mushrooms - Mateso
Eddie Quansah - Track B4
Afro National - Gowa
Kapingbdi - You Go Go You Go Come
Homowo - Black Light (Not crackly ; )
African Brothers Band - Me Poma
Jabula - Our Fathers
Dele Abiodun - Adawa Super Dub
Super Biton De Segou - Niénema Miné
A. B. Crentsil - Jealousy