Jeff Resnick... nine minute sample of a holy grail record MP3/Flac

That's a nine minute taste of one of my favourite albums "ever".

I have to thank Reza's post for letting me discover it.

That's how Jazzy Jeff Resnick (who recently joined The Growing Bin: thank you Jeff!) describes his Holy Grail record:

In 1978, I scored the music for a promotional film about the School of American Craftsmen and School of Art and Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology. My challenge was to create “tone poems” as an emotional connection to each department within the schools. Thus, the song titles on this CD! The first 5 tracks were recorded and mixed in four hours, thanks to very talented musicians from the Eastman School of Music. When the money ran out (rather quickly), I was asked what I could do for Side 2 of a promotional LP to be pressed as a hand-out to prospective students nationwide. I fired up my 4-track reel-to-reel deck and entered the bizarre world of the “one-man-band” for the first time. That process is much easier today with computers and MIDI, but in 1978 I was way ahead of the curve! The final four selections were layered, track upon track, using a metronome for tempo. That was the last I heard about the project until 30 years later, when the “last sealed copies” of the LP were sold on the Internet for more money than I remember being paid in 1978 to produce the entire project! Since then, music from the film has been heard worldwide, leading me to produce this “Collector Limited Edition.” I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working (and playing) on it. And Thanks to Gianni for "finding me."
Jeff Resnick

So, you have three options:

1) keep searching on ebay another copy of 1978 original vinyl
(I suggest you to start saving a lot of money: check here or here)

2) buy a personalized (thank you Jeff!) 14,99 $ CD copy here!

3) buy mp3s here or here.

What can I say more?
I agree with Reza's comment:
great to see the cd "Collector Limited Edition" is available to purchase on your website, hope your receiving some just rewards, think the whole thing would be worthy of a proper vinyl reissue, up in my top ten fave albums, thank you

Holy Grail territory.
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