Mad Professor - Dub Me Crazy Pt.8: Experiments Of The Aural Kind MP3/Flac

Ariwa CD, 1988

 1) Don't Dope The Elements
 2) The Idium Pellet
 3) Pamphonic Dub
 4) Phaseshift
 5) After Dark
 6) Night In Cairo
 7) The Resonator
 8) The Ionization Of Dub
 9) Where Is Elysses Mont Mare
10) St. Quentin
11) Coconut Jelly
12) Dub Pressure

Bass: Preacher, Black Steel, Spy & Fitzroy Brown
Drums: Robotiks & Sinclair McDonald
Guitar: Black Steel
Keyboards: Victor Cross, Noel Salmon & Fish
Voices: Kendell Smith, Sampled Camels, Macka B, Sampled Elephants, Lost Englishmen & Sampled Ghosts

Produced by: Mad Professor
Recorded & Mixed at: Ariwa