Mad Professor - Dub Me Crazy Pt.9: Science & The Witchdoctor MP3/Flac

Ariwa LP, 1989

A1) Anansi Skank
A2) Natural Fact
A3) Blue Ball Fire
A4) Jumbie Umbrella
A5) Cry Of The Old Higue
A6) Bacoo In The Bottle
B1) The Coming Of The Obeah Man
B2) Bohra Seed
B3) Witches' Brew
B4) Holokoko Dub
B5) Mistaken Identity
B6) H2SO4

Bass: Black Steel, Preacher, Fitzroy Edwards, Victor Cross & Snoozy
Drums: Drumtan Ward & Robotiks
Guitar: Black Steel
Keyboards: Black Steel, Victor Cross & De Mondo
Voices: Kofi, Macka B, Benji Singer & Intense
Noises & Console: Mad Professor

Produced by: Mad Professor
Recorded & Mixed at: Ariwa