Mad Professor - Dub Me Crazy Pt.11: Hijacked To Xaymaca (Jamaica) MP3/Flac

Ariwa CD, 1991

 1) Hijacked To Jamaica
 2) In-Flight Dub
 3) Creative Soul
 4) DJ Call
 5) Rio Cobre Dub
 6) Jungle Fresh
 7) Jungle Fresh Dub
 8) Close Shave
 9) Falling On Dunn's River
10) Halfway Tree Dub
11) Hope Road

Bass: Danny Thompson
Drums: Danny Thompson, Benbow
Piano: Danny Thompson
Synthesizer: Tony Asher
Special Effects: Bwia Crew

Produced & Mixed by: Mad Professor
Engineered by: Culture Lee, Hugh Palmer & Vaughqn 'Zeke' Facey
Recorded at: Black Scorpio & Music Works
Mixed at: Ariwa