The Complete Bob Marley & The Wailers 1967-1972, Vol.4: Soul Rebels MP3/Flac

JAD-EMI CD, 1997

 1) Try Me
 2) It's Alright
 3) No Sympathy
 4) My Cup [a.k.a. "I Have To Cry, Cry, Cry"]
 5) Soul Almighty
 6) Rebel's Hop [Medley/Keep On Moving/Cloud Nine/Rebel's Hop]
 7) Corner Stone
 8) Four Hundred Years
 9) No Water
10) Reaction
11) My Sympathy ["Four Hundred Years" Version] [Dub Tracks]
12) Soul Rebel [Version] [Dub Tracks]
13) Try Me [Version] [Dub Tracks]
14) It's Alright [Version] [Dub Tracks]
15) No Sympathy [Version] [Dub Tracks]
16) My Cup [Version] [Dub Tracks]
17) Soul Almighty [Version] [Dub Tracks]
18) Rebel's Hop [Version] [Dub Tracks]
19) Corner Stone [Version] [Dub Tracks]
20) No Water [Version] [Dub Tracks] [False Start]
21) No Water [Version] [Dub Tracks]
22) Reaction [Version] [Dub Tracks]
23) Rebel Version [2] [Dub Tracks]