A more thorough accounting of the work of the very long lived and spectacular D.I.Y. art damage unit Bomis Prendin (both an individual within the group and the name of the group itself, for those who don't know) will be running this Friday in my Ad Hoc review of their new split LP with Mama Bær on Domestic Violence Records. At hand right now though is a promo-only split CDR between Bomis Prendin and experimental electronic musician Eric Lunde that was privately issued on a related sub-label to Domestic Violence in advance of the Bomis & Mama Bær split LP and that contains almost a full further album's worth of material from them as well as two short bits of opposite-ends-of-the-spectrum extremity from Mr. Lunde. 

The Bomis material on this split release still exhibits some trace genetic characteristics of the Ralph Records-damaged DNA encoding that caused them to produce the two masterful art pop flexi-discs that landed them on the Nurse With Wound list of recommendations and most collector's radars, but with their angle of attack here having morphed from squirrely and brief song form detonations to the more distended investigations heard here, which varies between a hazy form of improvisationally extended acid rock akin to early, live Cul De Sac on the cuts "Gorgeous And Rotten" & "Saturday Space Walk" and the smeared and dazed slurry of beats, buzz and gibberish that is "My Itchy Friend". 

The sound of Bomis Prendin's earlier era will soon be made available for your predilection circa my next set of posts, via their career crowning mid 80's tape-only release Clear Memory. For now though, this serves as a perfect adjunct to my Ad Hoc review of 'em. As for Mr. Lunde's two pieces, having had little in the way of prior experience with his work, it's hard to contextualize just what's intended by the first track's untouched location recordings or the followings one's single, piercing howl of distortion or how either relate to his larger body of work. I'll just leave that to you to figure out.

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