Twelve Bar Blues Band - Live Is Hard MP3/Flac

Styles: contemporary blues
Recorded: Beaufort Recording Studio, Bovenkarspel
Released: 2012
Label: TBBB
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Size: 161,1 MB
Time: 70:20
Scans: inner, outer, tray and front

1. Bluesman - 5:43
2. Why Are People Like That - 3:51
3. Don't Ask Me Why - 5:46
4. Live Is Hard - 8:55
5. Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Lose - 8:04
6. Living In Your Own Cell - 7:01
7. Me And The Devil Blues - 10:30
8. Old Love - 9:41
9. Turn The Lights Down Low - 4:19
10. You've Got To Move - 6:25

For those who missed the link in the chatbox. Excellent dutch blues band.

Life is hard, but the blues gives you comfort!

When I heard the Twelve Bar Blues Band for the very first time, it hit me like a rock. With a unique sound I had not heard for many years this band definitely played my kind of blues. Everything a blues band should have was there. Winning the Dutch Blues Foundation Award for being the best Dutch Blues Band of 2010 was no surprise to me, after three magnificent albums, of which "E-mail From Heaven" wa§ voted CD of the year 2008 at No doubt this fourth CD is one of the best Dutch blues CD's of 2012.

This new album contains six songs written by Scherpenzeel/Dusink and four covers, which are selected with care. All songs are played with fire! Each song makes you curious for the next. The different rhythms of the songs contribute to the variety of the CD for sure. The whole album is well balanced. In 2010 and 2011 lead & slide guitar player Kees Dusink was nominated by the Dutch Blues Foundation for the Award of Best Dutch Blues Guitarist. Last 2011 edition Kees Dusink even was winner in this category. When you listen to the title song of the Album "Life Is Hard", you know why. The Dutch Blues Foundation also nominated Bass player Patrick "Sideburn" Obrist for the Award of Best Dutch Blues Bass Player 2011 and singer Jan J. Scherpenzeel (J. J. Sharp) was nominated for the Award of Best Dutch Blues Vocalist in 2010. In the song "Why Are People Like That" Jan J. Scherpenzeel lets you dream away with his harmonica and his singing is as good as ever. Rhythm guitarist Randy Pears and Drummer Marcel Bakker both play with heart and soul.

These guys are five fantastic musicians, each in their own area. They are not only good artists but also a nice couple of guys. The way they treat their fans is great. The quality of their playing is always good. No wonder that the number of fans is still growing in and outside Holland.

When you intend to visit a concert of the Twelve Bar Blues Band, I only can say; "What you hear is what you get!"

Live Is Hard