MO & The Reapers - Hot \'N\' Spicy Blues MP3/Flac

Styles: Modern Electric Blues, Swamp Blues
Recorded: 1999
Released: 2000
File: mp3 @ 320 kbps
Size: 101.04 MB
Time: 43:46
Art: Front+Back

1. Voodoo In My Head - 4:13
2. Jammin' At Dan Lynch - 5:18
3. They Call Me Mo' - 5:22
4. J'Conduis Un Truck Nicolas - 2:30
5. I've Got Them Pension Funds Blues Again Mama! - 3:24
6. Jumpin' At The Swamp Water Cafe - 4:22
7. Free Mason Blues - 5:46
8. New Orleans Memories - 5:20
9. My Computer Ain't Workin' Anymore - 2:58
10. Goin To Clarksdale - 4:31

Personnel: Mo' Al Jazz - Harmonica, Vocals
Jean Michel Borello - Guitars, Vocals
Stephane Morillat - Claviers, Accordion
Jean Yves Vernet - Bass
Stephane Leblanc - Drums

Notes: Mo and the Reapers is a blues band from the center of France lead by Mo Al Jaz' (vocals and harmonica) and Jean-Michel Borello (vocals and guitar). Their approach to blues is traditional even though the record features only originals. The repertoire frequents various styles, from the Swamp Blues of "Voodoo in my Head" to the false vintage acoustic recording of "My computer ain't workin' any more". Mo and the Reapers don't revolutionize blues, but considering they're a semi-amateur band, it's rather a good record. From a harmonica point of view though, it's not the best record you can get : Mo's playing is firmly entrenched in the Little Walter / Sonny Boy II school, with no specific voice of his own, which is a shame considering he probably has the talent to sound like himself...