The Deluxe Blues Band - Blues Amongst Friends (2-disc set) MP3/Flac

This is a very interesting two CD set. The Deluxe Blues Band is an English band that was originally formed in 1981 to back up blues artists from the States such as Eddie Clearwater and Carey Bell. The first disc consists of songs recorded in 1995 by the band and features the excellent vocals of Phil Taylor, Paul Lamb on the harp and various guests including Johnny Mars and Otis Grand. The second disc was recorded in 1997, and features all but two new members. The sound difference between disc on and two is very distinct. Disc 1 has more of the early blues sound and feel typical of what we is usually associated with the British invasion while Disc 2 has more of a sophisticated jazz/blues sound. The incomparable horn of Dick Heckstall-Smith is featured on various tracks on both discs and his playing is always a treat. There is some good material here worthy of consideration. ~deepbluereview

Recorded at Alcemea Studios and Moon Studios, London, England.

The Deluxe Blues Band: Phil Taylor, Russell Baille (vocals); Allan Vincent, Dave Beaumont, Daniel Smith, Dennis McGrath (guitar); Bob Brunning (bass); Mickey Waller, Maurice McLloroy, Reg Patten (drums).

Album: Blues Amongst Friends (disc 1)
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 42:53
Size: 99.3 MB
Label: Blues Leaf Records
Styles: Modern electric blues
Year: 2003

[2:29] 1. Lambpoon
[3:48] 2. All Your Love
[3:30] 3. Rambler's Blues
[4:03] 4. Elevator's Blues
[4:12] 5. Dead Cat On The Line
[2:06] 6. Peach Tree
[5:39] 7. Angel Of Mercy
[4:58] 8. Neighbour Neighbour
[4:09] 9. 300 Hundred Pounds Of Joy
[7:55] 10. Hoochie Coochie Man

Blues Amongst Friends (disc 1)

Album: Blues Amongst Friends (disc 2)
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 36:32
Size: 84.8 MB
Label: Blues Leaf Records
Styles: Modern electric blues
Year: 2003
Art: Front

[2:55] 1. Really Love My Baby
[3:43] 2. Cool Operator
[3:36] 3. A Fool Of Me
[4:54] 4. I Know
[2:27] 5. The Lonely Side
[3:52] 6. Riding Two Trains
[3:10] 7. Drop Dead
[3:26] 8. Gone Too Long
[4:09] 9. Heatwave
[4:17] 10. Just A Little Bit

Blues Amongst Friends (disc 2)