The Veldman Brothers - Bringin\' It To You, Live MP3/Flac

Styles: contemporary blues, harp blues, blues-rock
Recorded: "Onder Ons" JK Studio Dalfsen, march 2012
Released: 2012
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Size: 132,2 MB
Time: 57:43
Scans: front, inner, tray

1. 2 Times 360 - 3:22
2. Country Boy - 4:41
3. Need To Know - 4:31
4. I BelieveI'm In Love With You - 4:22
5. Up From The Skies - 4:58
6. Boom Boom - 6:49
7. Feeling Bad Blues - 2:50
8. Target - 3:11
9. Heading For The Door - 5:00
10. Killing Floor - 4:40
11. Tell me Baby - 3:15
12. Boogie - 9:59

For those who missed the link in the chat. Another great dutch band.

The CD opens with, written by Gerrit Veldman, instrumental '2 Times 360 '. A not too complicated scheme in which both Bennie on Hammond as Gerrit on guitar itself may enjoy. The first cover "Country Boy" (written by the duo Bartholomew / Domino) gets into the hands of the brothers Veldman a solid rocking version with a nice ripping Hammond. "I Believe I'm In Love With You" written by Kim Wilson gets a 'Thunderbirds' humane treatment, so just enjoy! That Gerrit is a fan of Jimi Hendrix left the band already heard during a special tour dedicated to him. A number of Jimi is of course also be found on this album, namely "Up From The Sky '. A good choice since it is not flat, but a number. A steaming performance of 'Boom Boom', the John Lee Hooker classic, always doing well during a performance. Striking is the strong drumming by Marco Overkamp during this song. The bottleneck comes in handy during the song written by Ry Cooder "Feelin'Bad Blues'. A beautifully played resting point. It is written by Gerrit 'Target' speaks less to me personally, but that's probably because I'm not a fan of the rough rock work. 'Tell Me Baby', a song written by Gerrit, another song is or as I like to hear from this band, just straight to Chicago Blues. 'Boogie' is the steaming closure of this CD, which bassist Donald van der Goes strongly hold the line on which the brothers on both guitar and harmonica really go to the hole.

Personally, I think that the drumming and bass parts are not nice and clear came from the mix and that is a drawback. The many fans will find this is no problem, because the brothers also pop in this CD again lustily!

Ruud Monde

Bringin It To You (Live)