Voo Davis - A Place For Secrets MP3/Flac

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Time: 50:49
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Released: 2012
Styles: Blues Rock
Label: Butter & Bacon Records
Art: Front

01. Told Her (3:36)
02. Never Be The Same (4:23)
03. Levee & Le Bon Temps Roule (5:24)
04. Home Again (4:56)
05. Back To Chicago (5:57)
06. The Wild One (4:44)
07. Out Of The Blue (4:15)
08. Cherokee Chant (4:23)
09. Prelude To A Crisis (0:51)
10. Crisis (4:04)
11. Caught You Bleeding (3:42)
12. Beautiful Tattoo (4:27)

Born in Anniston, AL in 1973 Brian "Voo" Davis' love for music began at an early age. While Davis' father loved the AM radio of the 70's, his mother stocked old 45s of Motown, Sun, and British sensations of the day. While struggling in the South, the family moved back to the Chicago area and began a modist life.

While Davis may have started listening at an early age, he didn't start playing guitar until age 19. By 21 Davis was booking his own gigs on the Blues circuit while cutting heads as a lead guitarist. In 1995 Davis formed the Band "Loose Change." It was a three piece known for their aggressive and dynamic stage shows. Davis earned the nickname Voo for his vast knowledge of Hendrix songs and the ability to play them on command. While on the circuit Davis has sat in with Chicago Blue Legend Eddie "the Chief" Clearwater, Chico Chism, New Orleans based Ironingboard Sam, Lamont Cranston, Chicago harp blazer Matthew Skoller, and many others.

Davis learned about the victories and difficulties of the road while working with W.C. Handy award winner Eddie King, KoKo's former Band Leader. King's amazing stage presence and head-cutting, finger-picking approach to the guitar was a great compliment to Davis' aggressive single note style. While touring the US with King, Davis sharpened his skills playing at some of the nation's best Blues Clubs and Festivals, including Chicago's Blues Fest. When it seemed Davis' young career was just taking off, he walked away to pursue other personal endeavors.

What brought Voo back to music? Personal tragedy struck in 2009 when Davis' wife passed away. This motivated the young slide player to pick it up again while filling a void left by his wife's early passing. It wasn't long before many of the 12 songs to "A Place for Secrets" were completed. Songs Davis held on to for 10 years were finally being completed and ready to play.

Teaming with Producer and multi-instrumentalist Steve Bores, the two constructed an album of numerous styles and personalities. While Bores also played drums on the album, both men worked the bass. Davis shows off his ability to handle several instruments on the album playing all guitar parts, organ, piano, harmonica, and all backing vocals. Like any reputable musician, Davis is able to tap into both personal tragedy and triumph to create music with incredible depth and meaning. His eclectic and dirty guitar stylings of standard and open tunings draw you in and keep you asking for more. His sound is unique, and his voice makes you a believer. ~ Pete Pettorini

A Place For Secrets