Russ Diapper - No Cure For Curiosity MP3/Flac

Size: 116,3 MB
Time: 50:07
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2011
Styles: Blues Rock
Label: Rustler Fox Records
Art: Front

01. Bachelors Blues (3:26)
02. Ego Star (2:21)
03. Keepin Me Alive (4:11)
04. Red Cadillac (6:06)
05. Cluckin Mad (4:33)
06. Heartbreaker (4:31)
07. Need My Lady (5:09)
08. Redhead Topdown (3:07)
09. Bad Boy (5:14)
10. Girl Is A Tease (2:24)
11. Bacchanal With Beelzebub (4:21)
12. Ain't No Rich Man (4:40)

Rock and Roll Singer/Drummer mostly known for his ventures in blues-rock band Gecko branches out with his own solo album with heavy classic rock/blues influences. Something for everyone from Hard Rock, standard Classic blues inspired rock and a bit of Stadium Style rock thrown in for good measure! Fans of ZZ Top/Van Halen/Chickenfoot/AcDc/Led Zeppelin and of course Gecko wont be disappointed!

No Cure For Curiosity