Dan Granero - Time To Live MP3/Flac

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Time: 58:05
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Released: 2011
Styles: Blues Rock
Label: Dan Granero
Art: Front

01. Time To Live (Feat. Chris Allison) (4:33)
02. As Time Goes By (4:11)
03. Meant To Be (4:06)
04. Girl Of My Dreams (4:33)
05. I Hear The Blues Calling My Name (Feat. David Hentzschel & Chris Allison) (6:18)
06. Desperate & The Dateless (2:52)
07. Movin' On (4:08)
08. Them Blues (6:37)
09. Blues Chicken (2:11)
10. Long And Windy Road (Feat. Chris Allison) (4:06)
11. All This Time (5:09)
12. Here To Stay (Feat. Chris Allison & David Hentzschel) (5:06)
13. Front Porch Blues (4:08)

Dan Granero is a passionate and energetic Blues/Rock lead guitarist/vocalist. His passion for music and life is echoed in his performances. Influences such as; Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton and Rory Gallagher can certainly be heard in his original music, however, Dan Granero is unique in his own right.

Dan writes about life experiences to inspire audiences to believe in themselves and to be positive about life. He inspires people of all ages due to the fact that his personality of a caring and understanding person shines through his music.

dan granero time to live

This album was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Dan himself along with his good friend and bandmate, David Hentzschel.

Recorded at Dan Granero's home studio in NSW Central Coast, Australia and also at Chris Allison's Studio, Erina NSW, Australia. Dan wrote many new tunes inspired by his life and journey as musician and dad on the road. He wanted to showcase a whole new perspective to his music and this album was his work of art, taking time out to really capture the true spirit of his music. He also wanted to play bass on most of this album as he originally was a bassist in his younger years, he also played drums on some of the tracks too.

Featuring, Chris Allison - drums (from well-known band "Angelas Dish") on - "Time To Live", "I Hear The Blues Calling My Name", "Long And Windy Road" and "Here To Stay". It also features good friend and long time band mate, David Hentzschel - Bass on "I Hear The Blues Calling My Name" and "Here To Stay".

The album has many catchy tunes as well as traditional Blues and Classic Blues/Rock. All the songs relate to Dan's life and experiences and have a great element of depth and space to involve the listener on this musical journey. Definitely one of Dan's finest albums to date.

Time To Live

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