Marvin Rainwater: Whole Lotta Woman (1994) MP3/Flac

Traditional Country

In the current climate of political correctness, it's amazing to think that a scant few decades ago, a quarter-Cherokee country singer named Marvin Rainwater would shamelessly trade on his Indian pedigree to make himself a name on the country music circuit. But backing up this ridiculous charade was some very solid music from an artist who could work and create in a multiplicity of styles. Few artists in country music ever made music as quirky and just plain weird as that of one Marvin Rainwater. His recorded cannonade -- featuring his strong, rumbling baritone -- showed that he was equally adept at Western ballads and pop confections with breathtaking go-for-broke forays into rockabilly.

A superb single disc of Rainwater's most rocking sides, 26 in all, although inexplicably leaving off his biggest hit, "Gonna Find Me A Bluebird." But there's much here to love, including the chugging "Mr. Blues" and "Hot and Cold" featuring explosive guitar from Roy Clark and "Boo Hoo," "Tough Top Cat," and "There's A Honky Tonk In Your Heart," which features backing from Link Wray and the Raymen. Marvin at his quirkiest and if you can live without his big hit, this is the package to grab.