Walking With Kings - Walking With Kings MP3/Flac

Somebody sent me info on this band. And said they we're awesome and I would have to agree. And here is the best thing about this band. If you go to their web-site you can download it for free. This what they ask of you, If you enjoy this album, we would greatly appreciate your generous donation to help us defer the costs.  If you cannot make a donation, please accept the music as our gift to you... just enjoy the free downloads! This album rocks and if you can please send them something. I think this is one of the best band of the year. Their lyrics are straight foreword in what they believe in. Kind of reminds of the lyrics of Petra back in their hey-day.
They don't compromise and take a stand and don't care what people think. This band could very will be the next Stryper?

1) Mention of Your Name
2) Here I Stand
3) Wicked Ways
4) Leap of Faith
5) Autumn Brings
6) Lost
7) Change the World
8) Home
9) Friends
10) Home (unplugged)

2012 W.W.K 

Download here at their web-site: