We Got a Fuzzbox and We\'re Gonna Use it-Bostin\' Steve Austin MP3/Flac

Oh me, oh my...how did this lovely end up in the overly neglected dollar bin?  Maybe this isn't your cuppa, but I'll cop to my fetish for 80s ladies.  Why did they just seem so much more fun?  When did girls just become so dour?  Just look at the photo and tell me when you see girls like this anymore.  You don't.  The again, if you read this blog it's unlikely that you see any girls aside from your mom and porn.  At the risk of sounding like a misogynist, there's tons of girl bands out there now that really wish they could be this good, but, unfortunately they are shit.  To this day, I wonder what  ever became of these ladies.  It's my debilitating laziness that prevents me from typing in the band into google and actually find out.  Some things are better kept as memories.