Cardiac Arrest-A Bus for a Bus on the Bus 7\" MP3/Flac

I'm still knee deep in the reup process and figure at this rate it'll take a month or so to get it all back on mediafire.  Shit's slow.  So I figure I might as well post something new in the mean time since I'm sure there's several people being kept alive by the mere chance that they might get to bathe their eyes one last time with some choicely selected words by yours truly.  And I don't want to be responsible for any dead grandparents or suicides.  But speaking of shit, how's your day been?  If it's anything like mine then it's barely worth getting out of bed for.  All of that positive change and goodness I was attempting to force myself into believing I could actually achieve...well, you can forget that shit.  I'm not sure who I'm fooling (some girls and some dummies I suppose (me being the biggest dummy)).  It's kinda like this post.  You probably know them as the Cardiacs.  If you don't know them as the Cardiacs then you need to do some boning up.  So between being Cardiac Arrest and the Cardiacs they continued to be equally as great.  But they didn't try to pull some wholesale change of the formula.  The certainly refined it through later releases but they didn't forget what made them them.  I think that was my mistake.  I know I'm a crabby person that people don't get along with.  My parents are even surprised that I have friends (thanks mom & dad), so why would I believe that I can instantly become this good person?  I think it's a little to late in the game for that whole shell game switch.  But it's not to late for you to get hip to this band and eventually (when they're reuped) check back on all of their other things I've posted.  They've always been some of the most downloaded albums on this site.  And just look at how beautiful and intelligent this audience is, could they possibly be wrong?