The Best of Prince Nico Mbargaand Rocafil Jazz International,Rogers All Stars 1983 MP3/Flac

Some requests came in for the music of this fine artist. Prince

Nico Mbarga and his Rocafil Jazz appeared here with over 10

albums. I shall re-up them in the near future, most of the links

are still dead. This is the 'Best of Nico Mbarga' which, among

others, contains his biggest worldwide hit, 'Sweet Mother'. I

never really understood why it was such a huge succes,

it has probably everything to do with the fact Prince

Nico worships his parents and family life. On this

'best of' album all titles point in the same direction.

Maybe not my favourite Nico Mbarga tracks but

a fair representative of his oeuvre.


1   Sweet mother

2   Good father

3   Family movement

4   Na my choice