Verckys et l\'Orchestre Vévé -\"Dynamite\" Verckys,african 360.016, 1970 MP3/Flac

If you ask me to give a list of my favourite albums, I

can't. There is so much wonderful music, it's impossible

to say, this is the best one. However, I can tell you this

is one of my absolute favourites. It's not a competition but

if it was, Verckys is a sure winner. Been searching to find

this lp ever since I downloaded it in februari 2010, I don't

remember from what page but if it was yours I am still grateful.

Lucky me, I found it recently and a quite clean copy as well.

Track 8 opens with a little pop but futher it's in perfect condition.

'african' 360.016 is now another gap filled on the shelf,..yeah !..

Have a very nice weekend..


 1   Ah mokili

 2   Yeba olakaki ngai

 3   Annitcho

 4   Mfumbwa 1

 5   Mfumbwa 2

 6   Loboko

 7   Nakokoka ata botongi

 8   Est-ce que nakobala

 9   Naboyi nkasa

10  Linga ngai azua te