Stars of West Africa vol.2 - Various Artists,Decca West Africa 1963 MP3/Flac

From the very East, tonight we move over to the very West.

It was not very original of me to put together a collector of singles.

Take a look at this one, Decca West Africa came with this

collection of six ten-inch singles in 1963. Imagine that in

one year, the record will be 50 years old. Snatch this

swell compilation of Ghanaian and Nigerian

highlife and juju from the early 60's.


 1   Odus & his Morning Star Orchestra - Omo laso

 2   E.C. Arinze & his Music - Adiakalu ubosi

 3   J.O. Araba & his Afro Skiffle - Kelegbe megbe

 4   Haruna Ishola & his Group - Pariboto riboto

 5   I.K. Dairo & his Blue Spots - Omo alaro

 6   I.K. Dairo & his Blue Spots - Aye wa kale

 7   E.T. Mensah & his Tempos Band - Odo anigyina

 8   E.T. Mensah & his Tempos Band - Abele

 9   Melody Aces - Emase puro o

10  Melody Aces - Brigitta

11  Globemasters Dance Band - Maya menya aye

12  Globemasters Dance Band - Oda nsuadze

13  Ramblers Dance Band - Womma wonko

14  Ramblers Dance Band - Wegya saman