Les Merveilles du Passé No.1 parMaître Franco de mi Amor et l\'O.K. Jazz,african 360.010, 1969 MP3/Flac

Here's a record we've all been waiting for. It's the no.10

in 'african's 360.000 series. Maître Franco de mi Amor,

funny name like this, appears once again and with an

important album. I saw that Bolingo's 'african' discography

was also still searching for it's cover, well here it is. It has

a green version of 'african's label which is normally orange.

Another 10 of his wonderful compositions to complete

our Franco collections a bit more.

Better don't miss..


 1   Nani apedalaki te

 2   Accident ya cherie

 3   Bomboko awuti na new york

 4   Mbongo zi ya voni

 5   Nazongi lelo

 6   Ngai marie nzotu ebeba

 7   Linzanza ebongi na langi

 8   Mbanda ozui kizungu-zungu

 9   Fuala mbombu ngulu kadia

10  Nakobombela cherie