Catfish - Get Down (1970 great us detroit blues-rock - cd reissue - Flac) MP3/Flac

Blues rocker Bob "Catfish" Hodge was born and raised in Detroit, and as a teen frequently snuck into Motown Records' Hitsville studio to catch sessions featuring the Four Tops, the Supremes and others. At the end of the 1960s he formed the band Catfish, debuting in 1970 with Get Down; after issuing Live Catfish a year later, Hodge mounted a solo career with 1973's Boogie Man I Gonna Get Ya, relocating to Washington D.C. and becoming a regular opening act for artists including Bonnie Raitt and Little Feat. After a series of solo LPs including 1974's Dinosaurs and Alleycats, 1975's Sop Operas and 1979's Eyewitness Blues, he toured with the Chicken Legs Band during the early 1980s, relocating to California in 1982 and later forming the Bluesbusters with onetime Little Feat guitarist Paul Barrere. After a long absence from the studio, Hodge returned to action in 1994 with Catfish Blues; Like a Big Dog Barkin' followed a year later, and in 1996 he resurfaced with Adventures at Catfish Pond. ~ Jason Ankeny, Rovi

I first heard this incredible piece of work over thirty years ago and have replaced my vinyl copy at least three times thanks to good fortune in finding said replacements, usually cut outs found in bargain bins. When I first started buying CD's on the net, this was the first one I looked for and was disappointed in not finding it for years. The original was released on the Epic label I believe. Now at last it's available under Sony. 
The band Catfish was fronted by singer/guitarist Bob Hodge whose gutsy vocals and unique delivery sometimes made you feel like you were sitting on the back porch of a bayou cabin listening to blues the way they should be sung, then the band would cut loose with some of the best get on yer feet rock n' roll ever created! 
The whole work is great listening (that in itself unusual for it's time!) but the tracks that stand out to me are "Tradition", one of the best solid rocking songs I've ever heard, and "300 Pound Fat Mama", a hilarious blues romp that showcases just how far this band can GET DOWN!! (By Robert L. Baldwin)

02-The Hawk                                    
03-No Place To Hide                           
04-300 Pound Fat Mama                            
05-Love Lights                                    
06-Coffee Song                                    
08-Sundown Man                                    
09-Reprise: Catfish/Get High, Get Naked, Get Down  

Bob "Catfish" Hodge - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Mark Manko - Guitar
Jimmy Optner - Drums
Harry Phillips - Keyboards
W.R. Cooke - Bass