Phobia - A Piece of Fear K7 (1991, Self-Released) MP3/Flac

While there wasn't much lyrically or artistically deep about Phobia, they did create a few charming diy German goth/wave tunes influenced by The Cure and Bauhaus that sort of reminds me of a combination between Also, Momento Mori UK, and the lighter side of No Critics. I know of one other tape called "Holidays Were Never Better!" that was shorter in length and consisted of many of the same tracks found here. I'm guessing the bands' "biggest" moments were their contributions to the CD compilations "Behind Mysterious Gates" ('92 with a re-recorded version of "Jack is Back" shortened to just "Jack") and their cover of "Shadowplay" off 1995's "Ceremonial" Joy Division tribute that was released in the US. Couple decent tunes if you have a soft spot for this sort of sound, and a very hard to find release.

Preview samples here:

Phobia - A Piece of Fear K7 (1991, Self-Released)

01. Wake Up
02. Only One Reason
03. Jack Is Back
04. World In Ruins
05. Into The Fire
06. Lost My Mind
07. Morning Mist
08. Susanne Never Knows
09. Age of Sin
10. Angel
11. Rattengift
12. *

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