Hellectrokuters – Rock ‘n Roll Beggars 2012 MP3/Flac


For a lot of people, France stands for delicacy, culture and haute couture. But hell did those mid-50 carcasses know that bands like Pleasure Addiction, Frenchkiss, Black Rain and in this case, HELLECTROKUTERS, kick up the dirt right in their sunburned faces! Last mentioned has played at the infamous “de Verlichte Geest”, Sleazenation’s late great house of Rock ‘n Roll. Their website tells us that these four grease monkeys are about authenticity, sincerity, and intensity; and that’s a fukkin’ fact listening to their debut called “Rock ‘n Roll Beggars”!

It’s big balled, high-energy Rock ‘n Roll; ten songs to pleasure your ears with. Great music when you want drive faster and faster ‘till your engine blows the f*ck up! Overall, I can say musically it has influences of AC/DC, but fast-pace Aussies Airbourne defenitley has the overtone. Swallowed by Rock ‘n Roll sensation The Treatment from England, and what you get is pretty much something like Hellectrokuters' kickass sound; Powerful, catchy guitar-riffs and astounding vocals!

It’s like a freakin’ freight train ride. None of the songs are bad…’cuz they’re pretty good actually!

Hellectrokuters could’nt start this record any better with traxx like “Hey Baby” and “Action”. Consider it as their calling card; “We’re fun lovin’, place shredding rock ‘n roll outlaws who don’t give a f*ck, only to get the women on their knees!”

Following-up these badass songs, we continue with “My Rock ‘n Roll” and “Break the Rules”. Just about the same attitude as the previous ones…can’t blame them, ‘cause this formula of music works very well for me, and probably also for you sleazy mother*ckers!

“Where do we go” also a very energetic one, in the vein of Airbourne’s “Stand up for Rock ‘n Roll”, combined with Treatment’s “Doctor”. Pretty entertaining. A track that sticks in my mind for some weeks I guess. Repeat-mode on! “Another Night” is a mid-tempo track, not one of my favorites, but it’s a welcome variation anyhow. But wait… hell breaks loose with “Born to Rock”! Damn, the first 10 seconds gets me aroused like a 18 year old dude seeing his girlfriends’ good-lookin’ mother for the first time! Pleased already after only one minute! Be sure to check this one out!

Hittin’ a simple drumbeat, “Raised in Hell” builds up. It rocks my socks off, but raising hell? Mwah, not really, but it’s worth a listen anyway.

The two final efforts of these Frenchies are “Rock This Way” and “New York 79”. Don’t mix up the first mentioned with Aerosmith’s “Walk this Way”. Pretty good, just like “New York 79”, which is a real catchy one…but hey…as I told you already: this album is one hell of a record!

Closing comment: Just get a copy!

01. Hey Baby

02. Action

03. My Rock 'n Roll

04. Break the Rules

05. Where Do We Go?

06. Another Night

07. Born to Rock

08. Raised in Hell

09. Rock This Way

10. New York 79

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