Lokassa ya..m\'bongo?. - Assitou,Special 81, Passeport Music of Africa,Disc Orient DO 015, 1981 MP3/Flac

On this 5th of may, a national day of celebration in the Netherlands,

I want to give you this special lp. I found it at the last recordfair in

Utrecht. The dealer made me pay quite a price and at first I didn't

want to but after some discussion it did change owners. Produced

in Côte d'Ivoire it is an album one does not get the chance to find

easily. With Asi Kapela - vocals, Lukau Jean Jules - guitar solo,

Ringo Moya Lotula - drums, Mamana Antoine - bass guitar and

Keletingui Papus - bass & vocals. Lokassa - accomp. guitar.

The lp is a bit crackly and has a few pops but it's not that

disturbing, the b-side has an uncentered middle hole

that makes it sound a bit false towards the end.

Still, I'd say give it a go, rare and wonderful

Lokassa ya M'bongo material,

I'm a huge fan.


1   Assitou

2   Angelique

3   Sabina

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