Rockets With Jim McCarty - (Great Us Rock - Live At JB\'S Mt Clemens 1978 - Cobo Arena Detroit 1979-12-31 - Wave) MP3/Flac

The Rockets were one of those shoulda-been-huge Hard/Rock'n'Roll bands. 
They were formed in the beginning of the seventies from ex-Detroit members Jim McCarty (also ex-Cactus) and Johnny Badanjek, these were joined in 1976 by David Gilbert (ex-Amboy Dukes) on vocals. 
They released six albums, the last one being the excellent Live Rockets from 1983 that I still hope to be reissued on CD someday. Anyway, these  recording shows how good they were on stage.

Tracks List
JB's Mt Clemens 1978
101- Sweet Rock & Roll
102- Messin...
103- Lookin' For Love
104- Fast Thing In Detroit
105- Can't Sleep
106- Blues
107- Love Me Once Again
201- Takin'It
202- Ramona
203- She's A Pretty One
204- Carol
205- Love Transfusion

Cobo Arena Detroit 1979
206- I Can't Just Stop Cryin'
207- Ramona
208- Love Transfusion
209- She's A Pretty One
210- Oh Well

About Cobo Arena Detroit 1979 : This is not the complete show, this is the most listenable portion of a tape I recorded from the radio. Approximately the first 15 minutes and the last 30 minutes are not included.