Zyklome A - Made in Belgium MP3/Flac

Bande: Zyklome A
Album: Made in Belgium
Formation: Marc , Robin Puttemans, Toon.
Année: 1984.
: Belgique.
Label: Punk Etc.
Influences/Similaires: Punk rock, Heimat-los, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (D.R.I.), Funeral Dress, Vorkriegsjugend.

Les chansons de l´album:
1. Belgium
2. Change Your Life
3. I Hate This World, But I Love My Life
4. Last War
5. Atomic Powers
6. Sick Administration
7. People Die
8. De Bommen Vallen
9. Computerized World
10. Angry Faces
11. Abort All Wars
12. Te Laat...
13. Different Kind Of People
14. School
15. In The Night I Feel Free
16. The End

Source: I Could Die Tomorrow Blogspot.
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