Mike Stinson: The Jukebox In Your Heart (2010) MP3/Flac

Mike Stinson generates a similar kind of excitement among the cognoscenti as Ron Sexsmith did when he was first coming to people's attention. There is the feeling that Stinson is a musician's musician. The Virginia native moved to Houston, TX after spending most of the 2000's in California, where he was hailed as “The Best Country-Western Artist in L.A.” by Los Angeles Magazine and called “the uncrowned king of the L.A. neo-honky tonkers” by Billboard Magazine. You might know his song “The Late Great Golden State” which has been covered by both Dwight Yoakam and Billy Bob Thornton. And he has placed others on the soundtracks to the hit TV shows Mad Men, Weeds, and Cold Case, and in National Lampoon’s Adam and Eve.

Mike released his third CD The Jukebox In Your Heart in May 2010. It was produced by Jesse Dayton, at Willie Nelson's Pedernales Studios. The sound is a bit West Coast, a bit Texas and is the perfect counterpoint to anything Nashville’s got going at the moment.
The real standout here is the song-craftmanship. Dig just a little deeper than the hardcore honky-tonk sound and Stinson relates, with startling accuracy, tales of loves lost, bitterness and how it feels to be, whether literally or existentially, the outsider. If you’ve lived at all “I Will Live To Drink Again” will strike chords of recognition, while on “Stop The Bar, I’m Getting Off” he laments, “Watching dreams go passing by, headed for some other guy.” “Square With The World,” “No One Left To Drink With” and “Slip My Mind” are also exceptional tracks.