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The Eyes of the Beacon Street Union is a highly experimental album
released around the time of the Bosstown sound. Much better than first
albums from Eden's Children and Ultimate Spinach, the disc, however,
lacks direction -- and cohesion. Vocalist John Lincoln Wright has the
same look that he sports 23 years later on his 1991 Honky Tonk Verite
CD, including his trademark cowboy hat, but the similarities between
these two albums stop there. The Eyes of the Beacon Street Union is
garage rock and psychedelia, and it is a trip. Where Orpheus opted for
the serious pop of "Can't Find the Time," producer Wes Farrell includes a
recitation by the late Tom Wilson, producer of The Velvet Underground
& Nico, acting very avant-garde: "Look into the gray/look past the
living streets of Boston/look finally into the eyes of Beacon Street

" Well, Wilson did a decent job with the V.U., but he's no Crazy
World of Arthur Brown screaming the immortal line "I am the god of
hellfire." The band immediately dips into "My Love Is." resplendent in
Robert Rhodes' (aka music attorney Robert Rosenblatt) best ? & the
Mysterians keyboard sound, very cool '60s backing vocals, and guitars
that are straight from the Psych Out film soundtrack. In fact, this song
would have fit perfectly on that album along with the Seeds and
Strawberry Alarm Clock. Had Wes Farrell kept the band on this track, the
album might have more collectability.

"Beautiful Delilah" is too novel
to keep the momentum going, and "Sportin' Life" is lounge blues. Side
two fares a bit better; "Speed Kills" and "Blue Avenue" are classic '60s
psychedelia, a far cry from John Lincoln Wright's Sour Mash Boys, and
amazing that it is the legendary Massachusetts country artist singing.
"South End Incident" refers to the South End of Boston, which has become
quite trendy, but in the day Jonathan Richman, Moe Tucker of the Velvet
Underground, and George Thorogood would play that part of town -- on
the same bill!

The music to the song might be an old blues riff, but the
body of the work is "Heartbreaker" by Grand Funk Railroad, and one
wonders if Mark Farner had this album and perhaps nicked this vamp a few
years later? The Eyes of the Beacon Street Union slightly misses the
mark, but must be commended for its original approach to this genre. The
album cover looks like some history textbook that mistakenly got
pressed by Mad Magazine. A mushroom next to an atomic bomb's mushroom
cloud ought to tell you enough about MGM's packaging. A hit single and
less cluttered album cover is what these musicians deserved, but what
they have is, next to the album Listening by the band of the same name
and the hit single from Orpheus, the best work from the Bosstown sound.

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Beacon Street Union - Blue Avenue

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