Gentle Soul - Gentle Soul 1968 (Epic) MP3/Flac

Label : Epic

Value : From 80 to 100+ original press

The Gentle Soul's sole album is suffused with pretty and wistful
folk-rock tunes, deftly produced by Terry Melcher to incorporate dreamy
orchestral instrumentation -- harpsichord, flute, and cello -- while
retaining an understated subtlety. If you like the Stone Poneys, who
made similar material in the late 1960s, there's no way you're not going
to like this album.

If you're sitting on the fence after that
conditional recommendation, it might be too mellow for your tastes. If
you want to know how exactly it might differ from the Stone Poneys, it's
a little more on the soft-rock side, and definitely heavier on the
male-female harmonies. All of which might be underselling the record,
which is pretty attractive, though not astounding, on its own terms.
That's probably Ry Cooder making his presence felt on the gutsiest and
bluesiest tunes, "Young Man Blue" and "Reelin'," both of which feature
excellent acoustic slide guitar.

Although Pamela Polland and Rick
Stanley sing and write well together, it's Polland whose personality
comes through stronger, particularly as she takes the occasional
unharmonized lead vocal and is the sole composer of one of the record's
strongest tunes, "See My Love (Song for Greg)." Is this worth the three
figure prices it commands on auction lists? No. But what is? It's decent
music if you can get it.

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Gentle Soul - Young Man Blue

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