Love Battery - Straight Freak Ticket (1995) MP3/Flac

Though they were never an overwhelming favorite of mine, I enjoyed Love Battery's body of work for Sub Pop, especially 1993's Far Gone.  Two years later when Straight Freak Ticket dropped, on a major label no less, I was less than freaked out in terms of my adoration for it.  Love Battery were still plenty wiry and had even retained an air of their dense arrangements, but the psych-punk inclinations that had reverberated through Dayglo and nascent singles had been smoothed over a little too much for my palette.  After revisiting SFT a decade and a half later, I've concluded that my judgement in my junior year of higher education may have been a bit hasty.  Indeed, there were some spirited standout moments lurking on here after all including, "Red Onion," "Perfect Light," and "Harold's Pink Room."  For the novice, I would still recommend getting your LB indoctrination from their 1989-93 Sub Pop heyday (all in print via the usual trifecta of paid digital conglomerates).  And btw, they don't sound a stitch like the Buzzcocks.  

01. Fuzz Factory
02. If It Wasn't Me
03. Harold's Pink Room
04. Brazil
05. Nehru Jacket
06. Perfect Light
07. Red Onion
08. Sunny Jim
09. Straight Freak Ticket
10. Angelhead
11. Waylaid
12. Drowning Sun
13. Silent Treatment