The Sonnets - Deep Forest Gold ep (1988) MP3/Flac

Lacking a shred of web presence, the most I can tell you is that The Sonnets cut these half-a-dozen tracks at Dancing Dog Studios in Oakland, CA, leading me to assume they were situated in the Bay Area.  Mellow guitar pop, with faint wave inflections loosely sums up this duo's overall schtick.  Sharply produced, Deep Forest Green's apex materializes in the form of "Vivian," a chiming, up-tempo stunner that recalls the Candy Skins brief halcyon period.  As for the Zombies redo, the Sonnets don't butcher "Time of the Season" so much as mildly abuse it, unnecessarily glazing it with a lite '80s whitewash.  Thankfully the remainder of side deux is a little more redeeming.  Enjoy (or not).

01. Nothing to Lose
02. Vivian
03. Stay
04. Time of the Season
05. Wrecking Ball
06. Underground