Dicks - Kill From The Heart (1983) MP3/Flac

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01 Anti-Klan Part 1
02 Rich Daddy
03 No Nazis Friend
04 Marilyn Buck
05 Kill From The Heart
06 Little Boys Feet
07 Pigs Run Wild
08 Bourgeois Fascist Pig
09 Purple Haze
10 Anit-Klan Part 2
11 Right Wing - White Ring
12 Dicks Can't Swim

The first Dicks long-player (and the only one featuring the original lineup), Kill from the Heart captures the band sounding very live in the studio and preserves their grungy, bluesy hardcore, flubs and all. The Dicks hailed from Austin, TX, and their sound at this time was a spongy, grimy mess churned out by novice players; their rootsy influences aren't immediately apparent underneath all the mud and fury. While clumsy, they're also compelling, especially when frontman Gary Floyd lets loose with his enormous bellow or guitarist Glen takes a solo and sounds like he's getting his fingers caught in the strings...


Preview: Dicks - Bourgeois Fascist Pig: