Macka B - Jamaica, No Problem? MP3/Flac

Ariwa CD, 1992

1) Bass
2) Where Is The Love [Ft. Carroll Thompson]
3) Something Nuh Right [Ft. Earl Sixteen]
4) (Racists) Back Off
5) Jamaica, No Problem?
6) One Man, One Vote [Ft. Pauline "Brown Sugar" Catlin]
7) Dem Get Me Mad [Ft. Earl Sixteen]
8) Go Trough With It

Vocals: Macka B
Backing Vocals: Errol "Steel" Nicholson
Bass: Steel, Mafia & William The Conqueror
Drums: Steel, Errol The General & Fluxy
Guitar: Steel & Errol The General
Keyboards: Steel, Mafia, Leroy D & William The Conqueror
Engineer: Errol The General & Mad Professor

Produced & Mixed by: Mad Professor
Recorded & Mixed at: Ariwa Studios (London)