Los Viking\'s - Dame Una Lagrima Para Llorar & Fuera De Atraccion MP3/Flac

I just picked this record and a bunch of other cool records i know nothing about. I've been super busy and not really able to gather any real information on this awesome latin late 60's? rock record but man this song is so cool i just had to share. Its awesome and weird w/ some cool fuzz guitar and a bit of a calliope sound (at least to my ears) and i have no idea what they are singing about but man i really dig this. anyone have any info on the Los Viking's??? Finding stuff like this is the reason i love record collecting..... you just never know what your gonna find.

PS - i hate the new upgrades blogger did.... i have no idea where anything is anymore, making an already computer illiterate that much more disadvantaged.... Ugh....

PSS - I added another track that is equally if not better then the 1st!

Los Viking's - Dame Una Lagrima Para Llorar

Los Viking's - Fuera De Atraccion