Carlos Del Junco - Live Blues At Cafe Campus MP3/Flac

Carlos was born in Cuba and his family emigrated to Canada when he was only one year old. He took up the harmonica as a teenager, but to say that Carlos del Junco just plays harmonica is a bit like saying Jimi Hendrix just played guitar. Though he began with the blues, his fascination with other musical forms such as jazz, Latin and reggae soon led him to explore these fields as well. Inspired by the pioneering work of Howard Levy, Carlos learned to overblow on the diatonic Golden Melody harmonica and won first prize at the 1993 World Harmonica Championships in both diatonic blues and jazz categories. He was later awarded a Canadian government grant to study with Howard for 6 months in Chicago. For once a government grant money well spent !!!!
This DVD rip of the live 1996 Bravo TV special shows Carlos in top form with his excellent back up band, performing a few covers and his own originals. A real master and with a sound like no one else, his harmonica playing is up there with the best in the world. His refreshing covers of Key to the Highway and Rocket 88 are excellent, so are his own material Heaven's Where You'll Dwell a cooking Chicago blues or Just Your Fool.