Led Zeppelin - 1970-04-18 - Phoenix, AZ (FLAC) MP3/Flac

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[i]The Nebula[/i]
[i]Tarantura 2003[/i]
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[/i][i]Disc 1[/i]
[b]01 - We're Gonna Groove[/b]
[b]02 - Dazed And Confused[/b]
[b]03 - Heartbreaker[/b]
[b]04 - Bring It On Home[/b]
[b]05 - White Summer/Black Montain Side[/b]
[b]06 - Since I've Been Loving You[/b]
01 - White Summer[/b]
[b]02 - Moby Dick[/b]
[b]03 - Whole Lotta Love[/b]
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