Sunny Ade & his African Beats -the Original Syncro System Movement,African Songs Ltd. MP3/Flac

We had a 'Syncro System' lp on the Brittish 'Island' label from '83

and we had an album on 'Sunny Alade Records' from 1983 with

the title 'Syncro Series'. This is the original movement from a couple

of years before them. The bassplayer on a-side really stands out and

catches a lot of attention. Quite different tracks than on the other two

albums, different titles as well. Not being the first to post this one,

it was simply impossible to resist, so if you missed it earlier..


1   Syncro system movements

2   Ni'bi lekeleke gbe nfo'so

-   Gbogbo wa l'ope

-   Ori olowo

-   Asiko ni.