Featuring one member from the Gamelan new music repertory ensemble Gamelan Son Of Lion, one future member of Caroliner/Faxed-Head/Sunburned Hand Of The Man as well as the future front man for (ahem) 90's pop punk artistes The Presidents Of The United States Of America, who you'd never suspect of having this sorta thing in his background, what to speak of having performed on the street with the Caroliner cat at a point prior to this. This one-sided treasure was pretty much exclusively hawked back in the early-mid 90's from Forced Exposure and Twisted Village (which should give you a good sense of the context here), the instrumentation involved (three basses, one drummer) suggest a sludge fest, but this is anything but, with one bass recorded straight and occasionally accompanied by a pair of flapping lips, one fed through pedals and one of 'em detuned and with future Caroliner and Sunburned Hand Phil Franklin banging the tubs. What results from this unprepared jam is remarkably inspired for something spontaneously enacted, bordering on spectacular with a sound that holds a perfect mid-ground between the highly musical but origami folded and distinctly SST affiliated L.A. post punk sound of Slovenly merged with the sort of post krautrock motion latterly proposed by Cul De Sac. This is going to delight many.

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