Morly Grey - The Only Truth - (1972- Great and Tremendous us psychedelic rock - reissue with 5 bonus tracks - Wave) MP3/Flac

[b]Morly Grey had only one album, titled The Only Truth. [/b]
[b]Originally released in 1969 on the Starshine label, it was [/b]
[b]a rare collector's item for years. Now it is available as [/b]
[b]a reissued and digitally remastered LP and CD by Comet [/b]
[b]Records. The first few original releases came packaged [/b]
[b]with a poster, which is reproduced beautifully from the [/b]
[b]original artwork as a bonus to this LP.[/b]
[b]This great rock record is one of those amazing classics [/b]
[b]that you never heard, wish you did, and then wonder why [/b]
[b]you have not. The music sounds unexpectedly advanced [/b]
[b]considering the tracks were committed to tape in 1969. [/b]
[b]You will hear rock, psychedelic sounds reminiscent of [/b]
[b]The Doors, and jazz-rock fusion, like on the track [/b]
[b]"Our Time." For a trio, their sound was an electrifying [/b]
[b]full exciting new sound that was just starting to make [/b]
[b]its way into the consciousness of young adventurous [/b]
[b]musicians. Bands like this jump-started the beginning of [/b]
[b]many major changes in music. The title track, which is [/b]
[b]a flat out progressive rock tour de force running over [/b]
[b]17 minutes long, brings you full circle from a rocking [/b]
[b]entrance, to a spaced out eerie middle section, then to [/b]
[b]a meaningful powerful ending. I do not want to imply that [/b]
[b]it is something that you would hear today. It sounds more [/b]
[b]like a formative free form track that develops and comes [/b]
[b]to a head like a musical eruption exploding from the core [/b]
[b]of their base sound. The group works very hard to [/b]
[b]maintain and expand this format in many of their songs.[/b]
[b]It comes as a shock that they did not continue to record [/b]
[b]after such a successful recording session as this. One [/b]
[b]never knows what the circumstances may have been at the [/b]
[b]time though. One thing I do know, they left their [/b]
[b]ineradicable mark on early progressive rock music. [/b]
[b]First drummer Paul Cassidy was fired after the recordings [/b]
[b]was done and Bob Lanave took his place. The group kept [/b]
[b]side one but recorded a new side two with the new drummer [/b]
[b]and also changed the album title after the new track [/b]
[b]"The Only Truth". So there are two drummers on the album! [/b]
[b]It was released on the Starshine label and have the number [/b]
[b]69000 and included a free poster. [/b]
Tracks Listing[/b]
[b]01. Peace Officer (5:30)[/b]
[b]02. You Came To Me (4:12)[/b]
[b]03. Who Can I Say You Are (3:40)[/b]
[b]04. I'm Afraid (4:32)[/b]
[b]05. Our Time (6:29)[/b]
[b]06. After Me Again (3:07)[/b]
[b]07. A Feeling For You (2:33)[/b]
[b]08. The Only Truth (17:02)[/b]
[b]09. None Are For Me (10:21)[/b]
[b]10. Come Down (8:59)[/b]
[b]11. Love Me (3:39)[/b]
[b]12. I'll Space You (3:47)[/b]
[b]13. Be Your King (3:23)[/b]

[b]Tim Roller - Guitars, Backing Vocals[/b]
[b]Mark Roller - Bass, Lead Vocals[/b]
[b]Paul Cassidy - Drums, Guest Vocals (01 to 05)[/b]
[b]Bob LaKnave - Drums, Percussion, Lead vocals (06 to 13)[/b]
[b]Producer - Floyd Phillips [/b]